Flower Stretch Shoes

This Flower Stretch Shoes is popular in Japan.

It is introduced on Japanese TV show.

We have 3 colors.

Red Wine color is popular in Japan.


 22.0cm (34)

 22.5cm (35)

 23.0cm (36)

 23.5cm (37)

 24.0cm (38)

 24.5cm (39)




 Red Wine

Price(Japanese market price):

​ ¥14,688

写真 2017-01-13 11 39 39
写真 2017-03-27 16 52 22

Stretched materials cover your instep

4.5cm heals

​Easy slip-on wear

Elegant flower design

Using soft tricot fabric

4E cushioned insole

180g for each shoe, which floats on the water.

More information from Japanese HP ↓↓

URL: http://soulcounter.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=001005000056&search=736&sort=

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