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Rainy Season in Japan

Rainy season in Thailand lasts for about 5 months until October, but how about in Japan??

We do have rainy season in Japan, but it's quite shorter than Thailand.

It usually lasts for about 1.5-2 months, depending on districts and year.

During that season, it rains a lot constantly, and it's different from squall.

Rainy Season in Japan

Rainy season in Japan is called tsuyu (梅雨), and it lasts from June to July.

Once tsuyu is over, it's time to enjoy the real summer!

People are usually looking forward to the time when tsuyu finishes, but scared of the hot and humid summer coming at the same time.

Rain makes people depressed a lot, but what makes people smile is this beautiful hydrangea called ajisai in Japanese.

These cute flowers are seen during tsuyu season a lot.

They heel people's hearts from the blue feelings caused by gray heavy sky.

And what make people excited about going out in rain is a pair of cute rain shoes!

In Japan, there are lot of cute rain shoes that will spice up your outfis.

Miss Kyouko Japan has bunch of cute rain shoes!

And its water-repellency is also great!

These shoes will make you even look forward to rain, woun't they?!

When you have a chance to visit Japan in this season, enjoy the rainy outfits (including cute rain coat) and beautiful flowers!

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