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inspecting all commodities

Why Miss Kyouko is highly evaluated by customers? One of the reasons comes from our product's quality. Let's see what we do "behind the scene."

we always test the products before shipping, and make a whole checking. If everything is okay, products are sent. after getting the package, products are tested again, and if the products are detective, those shoes are sent back to the factory.

one of our strength is that our factory does inspection to all products one by one. it takes both time and effort, but we Miss Kyouko want to make customer satisfied with our shoe's quality and feel ease to wear it. Actually all shoes are inspected not only by this machine, but also by visual observation and hand feeling. Checking carefully leads to customer's satisfaction.

At first I never thought of x-ray inspection because I've only seen x-ray inspection for checking inside baggage at the airport.

By the way, Christmas is coming soon! Have you decide christmas gift? What about shoe gift for mom or yourself? Miss Kyouko always hope that all woman in the world have a nice Christmas holiday :)

~designer's office in a factory~

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