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Miss Kyouko can solve foot problems

Bunion pain, metatarsus latus, wide foot, sole pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.....

Do you have foot problems including the one above?

Welcome to Miss Kyouko! This is your place!

Miss Kyouko is known as a shoes brand that make comfortable shoes for women.

How comfortable is it? How can it solve foot problems?

Our brand was launched when the designer, Kyouko Kimura made a pair of shoes for her mother, who had pain on her feet. We care about the material and the quality of shoes, and have run our business with skilled craftsmen. Our concept of providing shoes is that customer's foot problems will be eased by wearing our foot-friendly products.

Our products protect your feet by preventing and caring foot trouble like bunion.

We hope everyone to be able to walk comfortably and healthy!

Why bunion pain occur?

A specialist said that the way of walking without using fingers causes bunion pain.

Then why walking without using fingers cause bunion pain?

Our feet are constructed by 56 bones each person.

Around 200 bones construct our body, so one forth is the foot bones.

These bones are connected by ligament, and making arch shape by connecting tendon and muscle.

That makes our body be able to sufficiently beare the body weight of a human.

Using foot bones while walking can ease the bunion pain.

Miss Kyouko is making the role.

Please ease your foot pain and try to walk using foot fingers. It would solve your foot pain!!

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