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The beginning of Miss Kyouko

Women who suffer from bunion pain tend to have trouble with finding the shoes that fits them in size even when they find fashionable shoes that they really want.

Designer ms. Kyouko Kimura started producing comfort shoes for her mother who suffered from bunion pain.

Ms. Kyouko measured he mother's feet and realized that...

1. her left foot was longer 5 cm than right foot.

2. her feet had bunion, especially large deformation on the right foot.

3. her feet were swollen.

The size of the left and right feet are different...!!

The shape of the left and right feet are different...!!

The size of the feet are different between in the morning and evening...!!!

It was a big surprise for ms. Kyouko.

When ms. Kyouko visited shoes factory, it is obvious, but the size of a wooden model of the right and left feet were totally the same.

Then there cannot be the shoes that fit our feet!!

It is obvious that her feet had a pain!!

It all started when she realized it.

Foot friendly shoes that ms. Kyouko think is not "shoes to cure the pain" but "shoes to ease the pain."

The stretched material covers the pain that occurred by bunion.

For the pain at the toe fingers and the sole of the foot, ms. Kyouko use soft cushioned insole to protect them.

Miss Kyouko want you to live happily without caring the foot pain.

That geniality and strong wish support Miss Kyouko in making shoes :)

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