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Miss Kyouko is on TV!!

Miss Kyouko is widely known in Japan. Designer Kyouko Kimura was on QVC, Japanese product introduction program. She introduces Miss Kyouko products once or twice a month. Let's see what she does in the TV show.

"Miss Kyouko products are handmade one by one by Japanese craftsmen"


"Comfortable shoes are produced by Japanese craftsmen's skills which have been cultivated throughout history"

Demonstrating that Miss Kyouko shoes are water repellent.

Explaining the structure of the insole.

We take telephone orders during product introduction. Time limit of telephone reservation appears on the bottom of the screen. It shows that at this point the viewers have 3 mins 22 secs left.

"Miss Kyouko always want all of you including people suffering from foot problem to live comfortable life"

On the bottom of the screen, it says that the reservation telephone lines are very busy at the moment.

By the way, this is my favorite picture.

There is an information of the shoes on the left side of the screen. "in-stock" for green, "few left" for yellow, and "out-of-stock" for red.

Oh, there is purple. Purple is for "wait-list."

one size is already out of stock.

Showing putting on and off easily. Oh, most of them are already out of stock....

Models are wearing Miss Kyouko boots. This is popular fashion for this season. Miss Kyouko boots fit with any winter clothes. Why don't you buy one and travel to Japan this season? :)

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