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[Morton disease] shoes "Miss Kyouko" to relieve the sole pain

The other day, a woman who had a Morton disease came to Miss Kyouko shop in Aoyama, Tokyo.

She said that even on the way to work, she suffered from pain at the sole, and sometimes she couldn't walk on the way back to home because her sole pain came up to her head and had a headache.

Morton disease is the disease that pain so much at the x-mark during walking.

Unfortunately the cause of the disease is still unknown. Also the best way to heal the disease is also unknown.

So she decided to purchase Miss Kyouko shoes. After wearing it a few months, the pain that she used to have was eased and almost gone. The Miss Kyouko shoes that she bought are these ↓↓

Both the platform that has high elasticity and flexibility and the cushioned insole are friendly to feet. She tried on and saw if it fitted her feet.

When you wear high heel or tight shoes, the front part and fingers of your feet are squeezed. it causes that width of metatarsal become narrower and cushion called a bursa is stimulated, and then compress the digital nerve which is inflamed. Also the pain may occur by pressure on neuroma.

human foot have 3 kinds of arch.

when you walk, try to be conscious of your sole, and using 3 arches to shift your weight.

If you have any pain on your foot, try to stop wearing the high heel and find another shoes that fits you.

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