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Handmade in Japan

Each shoe is made by different craftsman depending on the part of shoes.

Today I will show you the story of our professional craftsmans.

Miss Kyouko shoes are all handmade by Japanese professional craftsman.

The concept of Miss Kyouko shoes is to give soft impression, and most experienced shoe craftsman are senior.

He has been making shoes for 40 years. He knows everything about leather. When it comes to design shoes, he always gives us some advises of which leather should be used on each shoes.

He is a sewing craftsman of upper shoe material. Under status quo, the number of sewing craftsman is decreasing. Craftsmans who can instruct young craftsman like him are even less, so he is an invaluable person. After sewing up upper materials, it is pulled out to mold the shape. So he has to know and think where and how strong to pull the materials. Otherwise, the seam will come apart and be regarded as defective products.

He is a craftsman of shoe molding process. All shoe craftsman value characteristics of leather in the way they feel. Even within the same cow leather there are a lot of differences among back, stomach, and side. Age of cow and what cow ate also change the characteristics. It is an important work to value the characteristics for each shoe and make good products.

These are tools to make shoes. The shape of the handle is different depending on craftsman. Long time use gives an additional charm to the tools and also products.

Miss Kyouko always hope that customer who bought Miss Kyouko shoes feel happy and ease their foot problem :)

thank you for visiting our blog!

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