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Miss Kyouko Aoyama in Tokyo!

Do you know that Miss Kyouko is also in Tokyo?

Miss Kyouko Aoyama shop has been opened since March 1st , 2016.

In 3 month, Miss Kyouko 2nd anniversary will come :)

Miss Kyouko Aoyama is located near the Omotesando station in Tokyo, where is right next to Harajuku..

walk for 4 minutes and you will see Miss Kyouko Aoyama there. We are at the 1st floor of the building.

all staff have experiences of shoe fitting, so you can feel free to ask!

~routine of Miss Kyouko staff~

before open the shop, everyone are very busy cleaning inside and outside of the shop.

wipe the floor with a cloth first, and then polish window both inside and outside.

it's not done yet. next they clean the restroom. In Omotesando area, there are few restrooms outside, so customers are happy to use restroom here.

You would like to come back to this shop again if you come once. That is because it smells good in the shop. We burn aroma oil so that customers can feel relax to choose shoes.

Miss Kyouko staff all prepare for welcome you!!

If you have chance to visit Omotesando in Tokyo, why don’t you just drop by at Miss Kyouko Ayoyama :)

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