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Shoes for Songkran festival

Songkran season has come!!!

Are you having fun splashing water?

Once I had experienced that when I was walking on the walkway, someone on a car splashed water over me. I remember that all my clothes got wet and I had to walk with wet shoes.

You may have done the experience many time.

But if you don't want to walk with wet shoes, there are 2 ways to prevent it.

One way is staying at your house during this season.

I know it is not fun at all.

So let's see another way to prevent your shoes getting wet.

Another way is that wearing Miss Kyouko shoes.

Miss Kyouko produce water-repellent shoes for you.

I want to recommend you a water-repellent shoe.

soft insole will protect you from impact when you walk. There is also cushioned material at the sole part, and it protects you from getting a blister on your heel.

I recommend this because there is a pretty ribbon on a shoes and it can fit with any outfit.

It is water-repellent done.

This shoes is popular in Japan especially in summer and rainy season.

I hope that you wear this ballet pumps and enjoy Songkran season :)

If you need more information of ballet Pumps, please click here!

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