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Water-Repellent Shoes

Hello everyone :)

It's been raining recently in Thailand.

I'm not comfortable with walking with wet shoes on rainy day.

Miss Kyouko prepare shoes for you here.

This is "Stretch Pumps Shoes" which was water-repellent.

You won't have to worry about your shoes being wet.

Miss Kyouko has two more water-repellent shoes.

This is "Soft Boots"


This is "2-Way Boa Boots"

These two shoes are boots, so you might think that you cannot wear in Japan.

But don't worry.

You can wear these shoes to fall/winter trip abroad.

Those look simple, but fashionable.

It also repels snow if you go to snow land.

These three shoes are water-repellent, but it doesn't last forever.

Don't forget to apply a water-repellent spray to keep the shoes longer.

Please take care of your shoes na ka :)

#madeinJapan #waterrepellent #rainyday #รองเทาผหญง

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