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What to wear for travel in Japan

It's already October. How fast time flies this year. The temperature is getting lower recently in Japan and everyone prepare for the winter. Fall and winter are popular seasons to travel to Japan. Need suitable footwear to wear in Japan? No worries. We have winter shoes here for you.

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1. Knit Ribbon Shoes

This style relatively looks prettier than the leather one but warms you enough during cold season. Since black is simple, the black one is more easier to go with outfit, but if you wear bright outfit then the beige would be look good on your outfit. this shoes is non-slippy so it will protect you from slipping on the snow. Also, you can change tie the ribbons depending on how tight you want to tie.


2. Soft Boots

Boots are very popular to wear in this seasons in Japan. Since boots go with almost any outfit, many people love to wear them in winter. This shoes is soft compared to the normal boots. You might imagined the stiff one when you saw this picture, but it's not! You won't have pain during walking even for a long distance. Either black or brown goes with no matter what you wear.


3. 2-Way Fur Boots

This style is also popular here. It has a low heel which doesn't make your feet tired.

This shoes has fur inside, so it will keep your feet warm all day during snow season. You can change your style with folding or stretching the shaft depending on your outfit.

If you are interested in Miss Kyouko boots but not sure which size you should wear, please visit us at Americaya Isetan in CentralWorld. We would love to help you choosing your shoes.

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