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Healthy shoes for foot pain

While many people are suffering from foot pain, mostly the cause could be muscle weakness. Especially the part of transverse arch of foot, the base of toe finger, is losing muscle. It is said to be the cause of not only bunion pain but also floating toe or broad foot.

There is a story that a physical therapist saw a patients who had heavy bunion problem. He told his patients to grab the towel on the floor using her toes to keep using their muscle. Then a while later, 70% of them eventually improved their foot problems. If you get trouble with any foot problems, you should try this rehabilitation!

The physical therapist said "people today walk less than we used to. That makes our sole muscle get weak."

now Miss Kyouko produced a new insole!! The insole has a soft protuberance for phalanx and prompts fingers movement. Of course it tightly supports arch part either.

While walking, human instinctively grab the insole cushion with their toe inside the shoes. By repeating that movement, human keep strength of the transverse arch muscle.

basically it's important to walk more than 20 minutes a day moving your feet and legs.

"Miss Kyouko" is a shoes company that designer Ms. Kyouko Kimura established. She wanted to give a shoe to her mother who suffered from bunion problem. She decided to make shoes that reduce foot pains.

We hope all women who have the same problem live comfortable life <3

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