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Shoes to enjoy winter

Hello everyone from Japan! Thank you for visiting Miss Kyouko blog! Halloween is over now and what's coming next? In some place in Japan, the highest temperature is already less than 10 degrees today.

While getting colder and colder in Japan, many tourists come visit Japan to enjoy winter season.

Since it is hot for whole year in Thailand, many people want to spend time in somewhere cold in this season. Actually, Thai citizen don't need visa for coming to Japan, it is more easier to spend fun time in Japan. Now, what's left? you may wonder what shoes to wear in somewhere cold like Japan.

ski in winter

Miss Kyouko have nice comfort boots for those who plan to enjoy winter! Miss Kyouko shoes is not just normal shoes. It will warm your feet and protect your feet from foot pain or whatever hurt your feet.

Miss kyouko staff want to recommend you these boots I will show you below↓↓

Soft Boots

This short style is very popular in Japan now. People in Japan normally wear this short boots with skirts, but since the color is dark, these boots will fit with any clothes. We have 2 colors, black and brown, and the reason this shoes is popular is because it is soft and make you not tired of walking. Why not tired? Because all of our shoes are 4E(EEEE) size, which means very wide,and protect your feet from being pushing by the shoes.

Another reasons this shoes is popular in Japan is that water repellent is done for not only this boots but also all other Miss Kyouko shoes. Also it is made of soft cattle hide. It is strong enough to protect your feet but still soft enough to walk comfortably.

If you are interested in Miss Kyouko winter boots, you can purchase one on this online store or you can find one at Isetan , CentralWorld in Bangkok Thailand. Miss Kyouko staff will help you measuring your foot size!

🎁สนใจสั่งซื้อสินค้า🎁 👉คอมเมนท์ใต้โพสต์หรือช่องทางอินบ็อกซ์ได้เลยค่ะ 📞สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม Tel.090-562-0538 หรือทางไลน์ ID: teru512 🚚 ส่งขนส่ง Kery exprees รอรับสินค้า 1-2 วันทำการส่งด่วนทั่วไทยแบบเก็บเงินปลายทางค่ะ

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