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The fact that 2 different sizes of foot

Actually there are 2 foot sizes, and many people tend to care only foot length. It is like a dress fits with their height but not their width when it comes to buying a dress.

Another foot size is foot width. Foot length is common to measure feet while foot width is not. That is one of the reasons that make your feet hurt.

There are 2 cases in choosing shoes for people who have wide feet.

The first case is that when they try on the shoes sold on the market, which is normal-width shoes, they think the foot length fits enough nevertheless the width is a little bit tight. Eventually they buy that one. Another case is that they try on the shoes sold on the market, and think the length is okay but the width is a little bit tight. So they change to the bigger size which the width is okay but the length is a little bit bigger. Eventually they buy that one.

In both cases, that unfit-shoes problem makes your feet more wider, or give you bunion problems. It might not hurt your feet at first, but as time goes on the pain would penetrate your feet deeply.

In choosing shoes, it is important to try on and find the shoes that fit your feet. You should not buy the shoes that either length or width doesn't fit. Both should be fit your feet.

To solve that problem, Miss Kyouko has produced the 4E shoes for ladies who suffer from finding wide shoes. If you are interested in Miss Kyouko wide shoes, please look around this website, or come visit us at AMERICAYA, Isetan CentralWorld Bangkok. We will help you fitting your shoes!!

We are welcome you to see you at the store ;)

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